I'm toxic, the world runs away. 
I'm lost, just wanted you to stay. 
I'm your nightmare and I won't let you dream,
Fragmented, I am not what I seem. 

We only see what we want to believe,
You liked me but again I deceived.
Broken from within you can't fix me,
I need your love to set me free. 

Maybe I deserve all this after the things I've done,
The world looks on and the drama has began.
I'm still here breathing but wishing I would sleep, 
I'm pretending to be fine, you won't hear me weep.

It's a struggle and I wish I had a friend who cared,
I'm not the devil, I'm the one who's really scared.
In the end I have to accept I'm all alone for eternity,
I tried my hardest to find a home, love and stability. 

Just a broken girl searching for a happy home; 
Every step I take, I'm subdued by the unknown. 
Just one last chance and I might see the light; 
Look into my eyes, and hold me tonight.