Islamist extremists will never win

The terrorists most loved month- Ramadan.

I have no intention to offend anyone but it is an undisputed fact that extremists exploit the month of Ramadan to preach mass murder and radicalise young muslims. Terror groups such as ISIL call out to other extremists around the world to commit horrific terrorist acts. As I have stated before in my previous posts, there is a strong correlation between Islam and terrorism. We must not allow terror to ruin us and take over- we have to stay strong- the only way we can do this is by allowing our voices to be heard and not allowing our freedom and democracy to be be taken away.  

Evil does not have a place in our society- the Islamist extremists will not succeed in destroying us- we will destroy them and anyone who follows their diabolical ideology. 

We are BRITAIN. We are a Christian nation. We will not be beaten by evil.