Demons target the vulnerable

When you're frail, weak and vulnerable, that is when demons target you. I don't mean supernatural forces- but real people. Evil people. People who use others, manipulators, narcissists, sexual predators, exploiters, bullies, extremists who radicalise young people, child abusers- the list goes on and on. We live in a very fragile world. A diabolical world. A world where good and evil co-exist side by side. Who do we turn to. Who truly cares. Life's a game. We eliminate our competition, we don't care about the consequences. We only care for our own pain- no empathy for who gets hurt along the way. Numb and robotic is what society is becoming. Demons are everywhere- taking innocents- through the day, and through the night, without a sound, without being noticed.  The coping mechanisms that help us survive the emptiness- alcohol, dance and a game of chance. And those who just cannot withstand the pain- swallow as many pills until the body can't tolerate it anymore. Those who can't be saved- it is he, Diablo that takes them away.

Life can be cruel.. some make it, some don't.. some make it through the devil's trap.. some fall through. What I know is that the devil is always there- watching...preying on the vulnerable.. he's the evil of all evil's & wants to see you fail and fall.

Is absolution the only way out?