taxi drivers to receive compulsory safeguard training

After the horrific Rotherham scandal where over 2000 young white girls were sexually abused by Pakistani grooming gangs over two decades, Rotherham council brought out rules which required taxi drivers to undertake mandatory training to ensure the protection of young children and vulnerable adults. If the training was not undertaken, along with other stringent checks, the coucil would revoke the taxi licence. This is to ensure public safety. 

I am very pleased to also hear that Sedgemoor District Council (is the first in the Avon and Somerset Police Force) to make this training for taxi drivers a legal requirement. As part of the safeguarding training, the drivers will be asked to look out for signs of exploitation- including drunk and disorderly behaviour. The council state they will revoke licences of any drivers who have not been on the course. 

The council are now considering rolling out a similar course for pubs and fast food restaurants. 

Sexual exploitation can happen anywhere- in educational institutions, family homes, on your way home, in restaurants, pubs, etc. It is also a misconception that only children can be sexually exploited. Anyone at any age can be vulnerable to exploitation- male and female. Adults with mental health problems are also vulnerable to sexual exploitation. It is very important that we are all vigilant in order to keep ourselves and others safe. 

If you see anything suspicious, out of the ordinary- call the police, report it. Take a description. Take as much information as possible. 

Don't leave it until it is too late. Do something. Let's work together to PUT AN END TO SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.