Feminists causing chaos in the workplace

Feminists are causing chaos like you wouldn't believe. I have seen it time and time again. It is an outright lie that feminists support gender equality. Feminists do not want men to dominate the workplace. They do not approve of men being the breadwinners. They absolutely hate men having the upper hand. Feminists claim they want to be treated equally- yet they bully, ridicule and cause drama when they don't get what they want. When they don't get what they want, what do feminists do? Act like crazy, mentally challenged idiots, protest along the streets, make up false allegations against men then drive them to absolute destruction.

It is a fact that the suicide rate for men is much higher then women

These feminists are lethal and in a duo/group, they are capable of causing real damage. Be vigilant and very careful. I have seen it with my own eyes and have experienced men being bullied and chased out of the workplace. It is distressful to witness. I am against bullying and victimisation regardless of gender but I am highlighting from my personal experience the shocking reality of feminism that exists at work. 

If I see wrongdoing, I will stand up for what I believe in, whether it's abuse or something else. It is important to support those who seem vulnerable or a bit lost.

How to spot a feminist (and avoid them at all costs) 

- do not get drawn into conversations that may be used against you. Just avoid avoid avoid. If the feminist tries to get you to enter into a conversation, just politely decline. Tell her, you don't want to get involved, and change the topic. If she still tries to involve you in trouble making conversations, don't say anything, ignore or walk away. You may wish to consider reporting her to your line manager if she doesn't back off. Do not be intimidated. Stay strong.

- feminists will often try and talk badly about men, slander them constantly & put them in a bad light. It's important not to believe gossip, because most of the time it's not true and as the phrase goes 'if you didn't see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears, then it's probably not true! So keep that in mind.

- victimisation; feminists will create any situation out of nothing causing chaos in the workplace. For example, a comment intended as a joke from a boss to his feminist employee to which the feminist knows is a joke but because she hates her boss, she will use this as an opportunity to file a grievance for harassment. Mission accomplished. The complaint will cause significant distress and alarm for her boss and there will be detrimental consequences as a result. This is what the feminist wants- to destroy and triumph in her success of doing so.

- feminists always ridicule men. If it's not about their physical appearance, their emotional instability, their hygiene, or their wealth- it's always something else. A classic feminist will always ridicule a man for crying, mocking them for showing them their emotions. They are not allowed to express how they really feel- I wrote a post regarding this.

Feminists are everywhere and like rats they're hard to catch. But with my top tips, you'll be able to spot one and squish them out quite easily.