The devil lives inside the Catholic Church

When I came across this article, I was not sure if it was even true. I have reached the point where I am beyond repulsed. 

I have been catholic all my life. I have been brought up a Roman Catholic. I was home tutored at a very early age. My mother was very strict. A family priest would come round to the house, and we would have bible study, three times a week. Whilst my friends would go out to the park, have sleepovers, and their mothers would go and meet up with each other and have coffee, I was excluded because my mother was protective. She didn't want me to end up in a bad crowd. Years I spent, in my house, or on family holidays... wasn't much fun though. There was always a dark presence lurking. Something sinister. I kept it a secret. People thought Catholics were saints. We were angels, the good people. I never harmed anyone. I was just a kid. But the real evil was the man who preached righteousness, who preached god. Everyone would go to him, confess their sins to him, knowing that everything would be ok. Little did they know, he was the devil. He would take children. Little girls and boys. Hush them up. The most trusted man you could ever know, yet he was deceiving...

You could cry, scream. What could you do at just age 6?

He was the devil who lived inside the Catholic Church.