Men are not allowed to cry

Men around the world are criticised for showing their emotions. It's perfectly ok for them to express anger and frustration but crying, a big no no. Men are afraid to convey feelings of sadness- if they did shed a tear, they would be regarded as weak by the opposite sex. From a young age they are taught to show 'toughness' and not let the world see their fragility. The sad fact is, because more and more men are keeping it bottled inside, not confiding in their loved ones, it has led to an epidemic of high suicide rates which the public doesn't mind accepting. I mean, is it any wonder men commit suicide when you don't listen to them? Women mock men for crying, usually delivering hurtful insults, the popular phrase being 'Man Up'. I would go as far as to say that women are partly to blame when men do commit suicide.

When men attempt to address their gender-specific issues, they are OFTEN met with disgust and ridicule. This has led to them being oppressed. They do not want to appear as weak and unworthy so they will hide away. Not talk about their feelings.

As a society, we need to acknowledge men. We need to open up to them so they can reach out to us. Do not shut them out. Allow them to speak.. and speak freely. Give them a shoulder to cry on, tell them you will be there for them, be their emotional crutch. Men are not robots. They do not possess a switch off button from their emotions- we need to tell them that it's okay to cry.

There is a strong correlation between men's oppressed emotions and the male suicide epidemic. Let's change that. We need to provide men with a platform for them to come forward, have their voices heard, and together we should end this disdain reality that men should not cry.