Is Orange Juice Healthy?

Millions of us drink Orange Juice. It's packed full of nutrients and vitamins, and it tastes great. However, with more and more Orange Juice piling on the shelves of our grocery store- how can we extinguish between healthy Orange Juice and unhealthy Orange Juice? The truth is, any juice you can purchase from the grocery store that's in a carton with a very long life, is unhealthy- packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Even though the carton may say '100% orange juice'- it is not. Orange Juice is stored in giant tanks- where the oxygen is removed (this process preserves the juice and makes it last a long time). You will only get the benefits of the minerals/vitamins of an orange if it is freshly squeezed in front of you and consumed within 15 minutes. It is much more healthier to make your own OJ at home! Oranges nevertheless, contain 47 calories per 100g (1 small orange). How many oranges to make a glass of orange juice? You would need to squeeze 6 small oranges (or 4 medium). That is roughly 282 calories and up to 25g of sugar. It's really not worth it. Orange juice contains as much calories as a doughnut, chocolate bar, a can of full fat coke. 

Healthy alternatives; 
Veg juice 72 calories, 5g sugar per 8 fl oz
Iced coffee 60 calories, 15g sugar per 12 fl oz
 Flavoured tea (various but typically under 10 calories, 1g sugar per cup)
Fizzy flavoured water (various but under 10 calories, 0.5g sugar per 250ml serving)
Alpro hazelnut milk 70 calories, 8g sugar per 250ml serving.