10 Steps To Achieve Happiness

1) Help others- being kind, generous and thoughtful really contributes towards happiness. The positive energy you give out, comes back to you, in many different ways.

2) Exercise- walking, running, going to the gym etc really does relieve stress, makes you calmer and helps reduce a number of significant diseases. 

3) Pay it forward! Do a favour for someone, help someone in need- share the love.... you will feel great knowing that you are doing some good. 

4) Help the environment- (yes, really!)... do your bit- recycle, clear rubbish from your local park, waste less paper, use less electricity- it will be satisfying knowing you are contributing to making the world a much nicer place to live in.. go green! 

5) Eat healthy- junk food makes you lathargic and everyone knows too much of it will cause obesity and a number of health problems... eating the wrong food & too much of it will just cause you to be unhappy... so try swapping a chocolate for some fruit. 

6) Ignore bullies- if someone offends you, tries to belittle you, or abuses you- don't waste your energy in retaliating.. just ignore them and smile always.. (you will be the better person for it!) 

7) Brush off negativity- have you heard of the saying 'misery loves company'... if you constantly talk about negative things, telling yourself or other people how depressed and sad you are... you will only ever attract negative energy.. other people who are feeling the same way will be drawn to you... if you are feeling low- learn to deal with the things that are affecting you.. keep a diary/journal.. and write your thoughts... even an action plan will help you! If you're depressed because you have lack of funds- do something about it... don't just sit there and moan... take action. It's the same for people who are sad because they are overweight- eat healthy and do some exercise, it's that simple! Stopping and re-evaluating your life really does make a difference. You need to work on your goals because life is too short and in years to come, you'll regret not facing up to your problems. 

8) Be grateful- there is always someone out there who is in much worse circumstances than you. Are you upset because you can't afford an iPhone 7? Do you work all the hours god sends, yet you don't seem to make enough money? Or are you the kind of person who has everything in the world- great loving parents, a stable job, a partner, friends- yet you're still not happy? You are so lucky and you don't know it.. Children are starving, there are too many sick people, homeless people, unemployed people, children who are abandoned and abused by their parents- they are the real victims. Not you. So whatever issues you're having, deal with it, and be grateful for what you have.  

9) Forgiveness! Life is too short. Why hold grudges- it'll only cause unnecessary stress to you. Be the bigger person- make amends and forgive. You'll find comfort & peace within your soul. 

10) Do something that makes you laugh/smile! Listen to music, watch some comedy, go out with a friend- although doing these things will only temporary alleviate any negative feelings, at least it will keep you occupied. If I'm feeling a bit depressed, I watch some Ricky Gervais because he makes me smile...