No more Gunvard Larsson! Mikael Persabrandt quits Beck, after 20 years on the longest- running Swedish crime series of all time

Gunvald was a homicide investigator who had a ruthless and daring approach to catching criminals- he often used violence and would beat confessions out of the suspects. His behaviour got him into trouble- internal investigations by the Misconduct Department but he always got away with it- only receiving short term office assignments as his punishment. His colleagues respected and admired Gunvald because he 'got the job done'. He was sleek, handsome and very effective. 

We've watched Gunvald Larsson on our screens for 20 years now and when his final episode was aired- Series 6, episode 1- it is the most poignant, heartbreaking episode of all the Beck series. What's Beck without Gunvald Larsson? A very tragic ending; we've lost one of our most loved characters in the history of foreign crime films. 

One thing for sure, Beck- whether it continues it's series or not, will never be the same without Gunvald Larsson.