Are you addicted to chocolate?

Around 1 billion people eat chocolates everyday. Most people are addicted and can consume up to 5 chocolate products within a 24 hour period. Chocolate can either be good for you or bad. Most chocolate that is manufactured by giant companies that you can find in your local high street is usually very unhealthy as it contains addictive and health damaging ingredients. It will lead to obesity which in turn will cause many diseases and illnesses such as Diabetes. Unfortunately I'm one of those chocolate addicts- I've had my fair share of unhealthy chocolatey treats but time has come for change.

The fat & sugar content in chocolate is quite high, plus they can contain at least 200 calories per bar. There are alternatives which I have been looking into. I came across a company that sells chocolate- it is raw, organic, contains no soy, gluten or added sugar, it's also vegan and they're handmade. They have wonderful flavours and look yummy- I have just purchased a few bars and I'm waiting to receive it through the post. I will let you know what I think of the taste.

Although I can't get over my chocolate addiction- I know there are alternatives which are much healthier. I'm going to try and reduce my intake of chocolate to 1 bar per week. I know there are people out there who are extremely addicted and they probably consume a lot more but I like to think that I have my addiction under control. But still, chocolate is chocolate- a sweet treat once in a while is fine, but daily consumption of it will ultimately damage your health.