Review: XLS- Medical Max Strength 10 Days

I am reviewing the XLS Medical Max Strength Pills.

 I spent £35 on a 10 day supply and I did not see any change in my weight. They claim, you can lose 33% more weight with the pills then dieting alone. I've been on a 1200 calorie eating plan and I've been to the gym 3 x a week- I've not lost any extra weight, certainly not the 33% like the manufacturers promised. I contacted the company on Facebook and now they are telling me that I need to try them for 12 weeks to see a result! Really? What's the point in the 10 day trial pack ('feel first benefits') then! It's just another scam. They do not offer any money back or satisfaction guarantees

I am very skeptical of their 'clinically proven' claims- it does NOT mean it's approved by the MHRA (Medicines And Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency)- The Government Body for Regulating Healthcare & Medical Devices and Products in the UK. 
or the FDA (Food And Drugs Agency), the Government body for regulating approved drugs and health products in the United States. It just means they did their own 'independent' studies/testing of the pills which then allows them to stick misleading labels on their products. Most of the reviews I found online are negative- there are some positive reviews but I don't think they are genuine. 

I really do not recommend XLS Medical. I think they're another fake pill, just like the hundreds that are available on the internet- there's no such thing as a quick fix. To lose weight effectively, you need to burn more calories then you consume through a proper healthy diet and regular exercise.