Muslim Men Grooming Underage 'White' Girls

Mark Thomas-Williams is the only high profile figure on TV & Media to speak about this particular and very serious issue publicly. Mark is a Child Protection Expert, Investigative reporter and a former Police Detective with Surrey Police. He won awards and high acclaim for exposing Jimmy Saville as a predatory paedophile with his documentary 'The Other Side Of Jimmy Saville'. He has tracked down, and helped bring some of the most notorious paedophiles to justice with his investigative work.

He wrote the article in 2012, which I've recently just come across. I am in complete agreement. Around the country, Muslim men have and are continuing to sexually assault and rape white teenage girls. The statistics are shocking. It has been going on for decades. The government are not accepting that there is an issue- meanwhile young vulnerable girls are being forced to keep quiet- and are left feeling oppressed and degraded. They are constantly failed by the Police, Social Services, NHS, and partner agencies which is an infringement of the Human Rights Act 1998. I have no doubt that there will be many hundreds of Child Sexual Exploitation crimes committed by Muslim grooming gangs that will be swept under the carpet by the authorities.

It is sickening. We must be vigilant and as a community, we must look out for each other, protect our girls, and watch out for signs of exploitation. Young girls from broken homes do not make themselves 'vulnerable'. They are vulnerable because of their age, history with Police & prison services, mental health conditions, homelessness etc.

Unfortunately the authorities do not see young white girls or any girls with mental health problems as credible witnesses- like in the Rotherham case, where several of the attackers were not prosecuted due to lack of evidence. 

It is a very sad, controversial topic, which will divide opinions. But the fact remains that there is a systematic, targeted influx of Muslim men who are preying on Young White Girls for Sexual Exploitation

But what does Lack of Evidence really mean? 

lack of evidence is generic terminology that is used by police forces and the criminal prosecution service to inform the victims that the case is closed- no further action will be taken against the suspect/suspects.

-the victim is not a credible witness therefore the case won't even go to court (the usual reason why the police do not prosecute is because they do not find victims with a history of mental health problems credible witnesses- therefore, unless there's substantial evidence to prove that the suspect committed the crime, it is very unlikely he/they will be prosecuted).

-political correctness/racial sensitivities- the authorities as we've learnt from the Rotherham scandal, are frightened to offend certain ethnic groups for fear of negative repercussions- so when a crime is reported involving certain ethnic groups, for example, Pakistanis, the police tend not to investigate let alone prosecute. I believe the Rotherham grooming gang was only convicted due to the media pressure.

-Position of power- victims who make accusations against respectable or famous individuals such as celebrities or people in powerful positions, i.e police officers, lawyers- unless there is substantial evidence that is very overwhelming which proves the suspect has committed the crime, there is only a 5% chance of any realistic prospect of a conviction.