Run All Night *Spoiler*

I just watched Run All Night... 

I loved it... As always... Liam Neeson, never fails to disappoint. The movie has two of Hollywood's Best Actors- Liam Neeson and Ed Harris. So throw them actors in the mix together, you know it'll be one epic movie. I really loved it! It was an intense action packed thriller. I never expected Liam Neeson's character to die in the end because usually in his other movies he is the one who survives. So it was quite sad that the ending turned out like it did.. Very heart wrenching ... I think Mike (Jimmy's son), was too harsh on his dad- never gave him a chance. Jimmy (Liam Neeson) did everything he could to protect him, killed dozens of corrupt cops, killed his best friend of 20 years, killed the mob that went after his son, risked his life, and in the end, he did just that, he took the deadly bullet that eventually killed him. He truly did love his son, and he wanted a chance at redemption, no matter what the cost. 

The best movie of 2015.