17 May 2015

For I Am, Just A Shadow

When you're so afraid and no one reaches out their hand;
Desperately trying to hold on but you're drowning in quick sand.
You feel so alone when nobody notices you at all;
They find pleasure in seeing the dejected girl fall.

Sometimes you just want to fly away;
And sometimes it's just painful to stay.
All I want to do these days is just cry;
From the pain of wanting to end it and die.

What's the point when nobody truly cares?
Tired of people gawping and their evil stares.
Walking in somewhere, nobody notices you. 
Walking in the street, people stumble against you. 
To ask something for the third time and have no one answer your question. 
Am I truly invisible? Am I? 
Why do I feel like merely a shadow? 

If this is what is destined for me, then I want out;
Nobody will hear me even when I shout.
For I am, just a shadow. 
Passing wind;
A nightingale that sings.
I belong in the sky;
There's no questioning why. 
For I am, just a shadow.