Shayne Ward's New Album 'Closer'

Wow. Shayne Ward is back! For years, he disappeared from the Music Industry and he became a memory- because after his last Album 'Obsession' (released in 2010) became a flop, Shayne was subsequently dropped by his Record Label, Syco. He disappeared after that. But last year, he announced on his facebook that he had been working on a new album! And what a comeback! The album is incredible. The songs are amazing, a mixture of heart wrenching, tear jerking ballads and some uptempo love songs- his smooth, velvety vocals are the essence- you can almost feel your throat tightening and eyes welling up! There's so much heart, soul and passion that's gone into the production of this Album. I really loved his new and updated version of 'No Promises'. The slow, acoustic version is so heavenly and tender- Definitely one of the best love songs ever!