'Third Person' Movie- Synopsis


Third Person- My Favourite 'LIAM NEESON' movie.

Michael was already a famous, yet struggling writer, but when he lost his son during his affair, he couldn't cope with the guilt that it was his own fault for taking the call from his mistress, when he was supposed to be watching his son, that day at the pool. The numbed over writer sets out to Paris in efforts to cleanse his soul and find forgiveness within through writing, not to mention bounce back from his previous flop. Him, his wife, his primitive mistress, mistress's father and agent are all real.
Everyone else were characters he conjured up writing in third person representing stages of his life and all who were real. With his writing skills he of course put an adventurous twist to each of the 3 couples he wrote about, but all of which reflected himself and his loss. 
He dealt with trust, controlling and guilt issues and as his affair with Anna grew, he became very jealous of her sexual relationship with her father. He told her it didn't bother him but it did, and he ended up writing about her secret in his book which in turn would destroy her and her life, not to mention revealing it was her, that day he was talking to when Robbie drowned. 
He was an obsessive and selfish man who used people as subjects in an attempt to fuel his writing. In the end I believe he honestly loved Anna because she made him feel again, which in turn rescued him from the depths of his own hell. 
Tragically she left him after having read his journal, something I believe he setup to happen but later felt much grief and regret for. It was his ultimate challenge and sacrifice to do all this but he wanted to feel human again, no matter the cost. The end result was a successful failure. He lost the love of his life and never found forgiveness, being haunted from his memories of Anna and of those last words of his son saying to him..."watch me."