REVIEW: David Beckham 'Signature' For Her Perfume

I am going to review Beckham's Signature for Her. I brought the 30ml version. It was on offer in-store at Boots for £9.99 but after doing some research on the Internet, you can actually purchase a WHOOPING 75ml bottle for £10.25 which works out at better value. That's the cheapest on the Internet- I promise you! I've done the research for you. The link below will take you to the website where you can purchase it. Delivery costs £1.99 by Standard Royal Mail or Free Delivery on Orders over £15. 

The top notes are musk and orchid, which comes through straight away and the middle and base notes are vanilla, apple, amber and anise flower. I'll be honest and tell you that I'm NOT by any means a perfume snob. I love perfume, but I'm not an expert on the technical elements of a perfume. I do like the smell, it is very musky, woody and fresh, but it does not last more than 20 minutes. It also has very similar and striking perfume notes as 'M' by Mariah Carey! It's a nice, cheap, generic smelling perfume. Nothing special. I wouldn't purchase it again. But I know several of my friends love this, so you might just like it...