13 Apr 2015

I Was Just A Little Girl

I was just a little girl when he took me away;
Happened when mother asked him to stay.
Held me captive for all of my childhood;
The oppression I went through;
No one really ever understood.

He dismissed my sadness;
He led me to emptiness.
The day he took me away;
All I could do was pray.

Standing beside the cold, dirty bed;
Weeping quietly, wishing I was dead.
He ripped my insides, ripped me apart;
No longer a child, he took away my heart.

Just a toy for him to play with as he wished;
A doll he touched, fiddled with and kissed.
Nightmares of what he did still linger everywhere I go, 
Memories entrenched within, healing is so painfully slow. 

I was just a little girl when he took me away
I will always remember, I will never forget that day...