28 Jun 2014

I'm All Alone Like He Wanted Me To Be

I'm all alone like he wanted me to be;
The devil takes posession of my soul.
I feel his filth enter inside of me;
He throws me into a dark pitted hole.

My eyes close as my body is paralysed;
I hear the demon laugh at me.
He has full control, that i realise;
He has taken my innocence away from me.

A small child he loves to play with;
Easy to control; without a fight.
Nightmares are what he loves to give;
Too tormented to find the light.

The demon comes and takes me repeatedly;
This perversion goes on for so so long.
I never let him take me willingly;
He ignores my sadness and carries on.

The demon laughs, taking away my happiness;
The goodness isn't what he wants me to see.
I'm surrounded by nothing but darkness;
I'm all alone like he wanted me to be.