16 Jun 2017

Kitkat personalised bar

Just received my Personalised KitKat. 
What do you think?  A bit creased when it arrived though.. and the 'presentation box' was just a generic cheap cardboard box. Not impressed if I'm completely honest. Is this what I've been waiting weeks for? 

11 Jun 2017

Stop skinny shaming

Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous women in the world- she's a fashion designer, singer, model and business woman. She's recently released her make-up collection in collaboration with Estée Lauder. 

VB's clothing collection is feminine and classy at luxury prices. Although I'm a big fan of VB, I don't exactly like everything she's released- some of the clothing isn't to my taste. What I've noticed is a lot of women constantly bashing VB's models- criticising their weight, commenting that the models look 'miserable'. I mean, how on earth do you know they are miserable? It's skinny bashing and it has to stop. I suspect a majority of these women commenting negatively are the ones with self esteem issues, they are not happy with their own 'overweight' bodies so they find comfort in shaming women who are slim and healthy. 

Cruel comments been made about VB's models

Personally I don't care what size you are- I don't judge, but this misconception that models who are skinny must be miserable has to stop

  The fact is, models are slim because they represent good health, youth and beauty. I would be more likely to buy a piece of clothing if I saw it on a slim model rather then an overweight model. 

It's not harsh, it's just reality. 

World class designers such as VB, Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney etc all use slim aka 'skinny' women to model their clothing- I don't think they would ever select an overweight model- why would they? They want to encourage young women to look their best- to look sexy. What message would they be giving out if all of a sudden they started using overweight women to introduce their brand. It's not cool. They want to make money, not lose it. 

Stop skinny shaming, start embracing 'slim'. 

4 Jun 2017

Islamist Terrorists strike again in London

On Saturday 3rd June, around 10 PM, a white transit van ploughed at speed into people walking along the London Bridge. It was then when three Islamist Terrorists with knives started to attack people. The Terrorists were also seen in the Borough Market area- going into pubs and restaurants and stabbing as many people as they could. Armed police and paramedics rushed to the scene within minutes, shots were heard, and the three Terrorists were shot dead. At least 50 people have been taken into hospital with injuries and 8 people have tragically died from this savage terrorist attack.

Last week, The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre made a decision to reduce the UK's threat level from Critical to Severe. Critical means an attack is forthcoming, and Severe means an attack is highly likely. Was it the correct decision for the government to reduce its threat level considering the horrific terrorist attack last night? PM Theresa May will be chairing an urgent COBRA meeting this morning and she will be providing a statement to the media later on this afternoon. 

This is the Third Terror Attack in just 10 weeks. The UK is in a very critical state- but we have to remain vigilant and calm. Islamist Terrorists want the media attention, they want martyrdom- in their deluded, psychotic minds, they think they will be sent to heaven and awarded with 72 virgins for their actions. Unfortunately the Muslim Communities around the UK are not accepting that there is an issue of Islamic Terrorism. They claim victimhood, and the public who criticise them are the 'real villains'. If there is a way of preventing further attacks and ultimately eradicating Islamic Extremism- it would be acknowledgement; Muslim communities admiting that there is a serious problem- confirming the correlation between Islam and Terrorism. 

The government must also accept this and find a suitable strategy. It is no longer enough to stay silent and just accept that all the terrorist attacks are part of an international extremist group or that the terrorists were lone wolves. It is a fact that all terrorists have one political agenda in common- Jihad. Jihad in Islam means 'Holy war against the enemies'. There's nothing holy about Jihad. It's diabolical and bloody. Islam has a clear message from its leader, Muhammad- ''Those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this life, and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help''- QU'RAN (3:56)

There are over 100 verses in the QU'RAN that preaches violence against infidels (non-Muslims). Muhammad stated that any Muslim that does not join the fight are hypocrites and warned that Allah will send them to the hell of fire. 

We need to look out for each other, show kindness, be vigilant and never stop speaking out. Don't let the terrorists win. They can never win if we all stand together united. We are a British country with British values and traditions- we must always keep it that away. We will never give in to them.

2 Jun 2017

Vision board

I created a vision board for myself to inspire me when I'm feeling down and depressed. It's a positive way of building your self-esteem. You can put whatever you want on your board- pictures, quotes, messages etc- something that makes you happy. Try it.

31 May 2017

Taking the time to look after yourself

If you're stressed, depressed, anxious or just struggling to find yourself.. I find spending time away from people and being by yourself, with 'your own company' helps a lot.. taking time to reflect on yourself- your goals, ambitions, mistakes and how to learn from them, and ultimately learning to love and appreciate you for you... at this point nobody else matters, it's just you.. looking after number 1...

28 May 2017

Uk has reduced it's threat level from critical to severe

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Center (JTAC) has made a decision to reduce the UK's current threat level from Critical to Severe. The current threat level means that a terrorist attack is highly likely. Prime Minister, Theresa May has stated, that the public must still remain vigilant- remain calm, watch out for signs of any suspicious behaviour. Soliders will begin to be withdrawn from key sites at the end of the bank holiday weekend. Security at most major events will be tightened. Theresa May has raised concerns at the G7 summit with world leaders in Sicily to urge and pressure social media companies to tackle the issue of extremism, in particular, blocking Islamist extremists from posting extreme content online.

27 May 2017

Demons target the vulnerable

When you're frail, weak and vulnerable, that is when demons target you. I don't mean supernatural forces- but real people. Evil people. People who use others, manipulators, narcissists, sexual predators, exploiters, bullies, extremists who radicalise young people, child abusers- the list goes on and on. We live in a very fragile world. A diabolical world. A world where good and evil co-exist side by side. Who do we turn to. Who truly cares. Life's a game. We eliminate our competition, we don't care about the consequences. We only care for our own pain- no empathy for who gets hurt along the way. Numb and robotic is what society is becoming. Demons are everywhere- taking innocents- through the day, and through the night, without a sound, without being noticed.  The coping mechanisms that help us survive the emptiness- alcohol, dance and a game of chance. And those who just cannot withstand the pain- swallow as many pills until the body can't tolerate it anymore. Those who can't be saved- it is he, Diablo that takes them away.

Life can be cruel.. some make it, some don't.. some make it through the devil's trap.. some fall through. What I know is that the devil is always there- watching...preying on the vulnerable.. he's the evil of all evil's & wants to see you fail and fall.

Is absolution the only way out? 

26 May 2017

Islamist extremists will never win

The terrorists most loved month- Ramadan.

I have no intention to offend anyone but it is an undisputed fact that extremists exploit the month of Ramadan to preach mass murder and radicalise young muslims. Terror groups such as ISIL call out to other extremists around the world to commit horrific terrorist acts. As I have stated before in my previous posts, there is a strong correlation between Islam and terrorism. We must not allow terror to ruin us and take over- we have to stay strong- the only way we can do this is by allowing our voices to be heard and not allowing our freedom and democracy to be be taken away.  

Evil does not have a place in our society- the Islamist extremists will not succeed in destroying us- we will destroy them and anyone who follows their diabolical ideology. 

We are BRITAIN. We are a Christian nation. We will not be beaten by evil.

Islamist Terrorists Kill 22 and injure 64 at Manchester pop concert

Unsuspecting fans were lured to their death when Islamist Extremist Salman Abadi, detonated an explosive which resulted in the death of 22 people and injured 64 at a Ariana Grande Pop Concert In Manchester On Monday evening. Amongst those who have died and are injured were children and teenagers.
 The evil monsters do not have a place in our society- they need to be eliminated. We must act fast and act now. We should not be afraid to speak out for the fear of negative repercussions. After all we are a country of free speech. There is a correlation between Islam and terrorism- there is strong historical evidence which proves Islam has only political purposes- to take over the western world, to kill, torture, oppress, dominate, rule and power-and anyone or any government who opposes to their regime will be killed. 'I will instil terror into the hearts of the unbelievers: smite above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them." Sahib International-Quran.

We have to be vigilant and look out for any signs of radicalisation- it is up to the security services to do their checks, but we should all ensure we are careful, not to pre-judge, but if we see any suspicious people or potentially suspicious items, we should report it. It's better to be safe then regret not doing anything. Online radicalisation occurs a lot too- young Muslims are potentially vulnerable to being radicalised so are people with mental health problems. Please do not let these evil monsters run you scared- we are a nation that will not be shaken or broken, we will not allow them to break us. We should continue with our daily lives- whilst being extra vigilant and looking out for each other. We will not let evil prevail. 

Prime Minister Theresa May has raised the UK threat level from Severe to Critical, the highest level since 2006. The current threat level means that an attack is forthcoming. Armed soldiers of around 3800 have been deployed at key locations around the country including major airports, stadiums, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Major Cities. There is no set time for how long the threat level will remain for. It will be determined by the M15 and Joint Terrorism and Analysis Centre. 

17 Apr 2017

Feminists causing chaos in the workplace

Feminists are causing chaos like you wouldn't believe. I have seen it time and time again. It is an outright lie that feminists support gender equality. Feminists do not want men to dominate the workplace. They do not approve of men being the breadwinners. They absolutely hate men having the upper hand. Feminists claim they want to be treated equally- yet they bully, ridicule and cause drama when they don't get what they want. When they don't get what they want, what do feminists do? Act like crazy mentally challenged idiots, protest along the streets, make up false allegations against men then drive them to absolute destruction. (It is a fact that the suicide rate for men is much higher then women)

These feminists are lethal and in a pack can cause long lasting damage. Be vigilant and very careful. I have seen it with my own eyes and have experienced men being bullied and chased out of the workplace. It's distressful to witness. I'm against bullying and victimisation regardless of gender. I'm female and against feminism.

If I see wrongdoing, I will stand up for what I believe in, whether it's abuse or something else. It is important to support those who seem vulnerable or a bit lost.

How to spot a feminist (and avoid them at all costs) 

- do not get drawn into conversations that may be used against you. Just avoid avoid avoid. If the feminist tries to get you to enter into a conversation, just politely decline. Tell her, you don't want to get involved, and change the topic, ask her how her day was, or tell her about your day. If she still tries to involve you in trouble making conversations, don't say anything, ignore or walk away.

- feminists will often try and talk badly about men, slander them constantly & put them in a bad light. It's important not to believe gossip, because most of the time it's not true and as the phrase goes 'if you didn't see it with your own eyes and hear it with your own ears, then it's probably not true! So keep that in mind.

- victimisation; feminists will create any situation out of nothing causing chaos in the workplace. For example, a comment intended as a joke from a boss to his feminist employee in which the feminist knows is a joke but because she hates her boss, she will use this as an opportunity to file a grievance for harassment. Mission accomplished. The complaint will cause significant distress and alarm for the victim and his reputation damaged. This is what the feminist wants- to destroy and triumph in her success of doing so.

- feminists always ridicule men. If it's not about their physical appearance, their emotional instability, their hygiene, or their wealth- it's always something else. A classic feminist will always ridicule a man for crying, mocking them for showing them their emotions. They are not allowed to express how they really feel. I wrote a post regarding this.

Feminists are everywhere and like rats they're hard to catch. But with my top tips, you'll be able to spot one quite easily.

16 Apr 2017

taxi drivers to receive compulsory safeguard training

After the horrific Rotherham scandal where over 2000 young white girls were sexually abused by Pakistani grooming gangs over two decades, Rotherham council brought out rules which required taxi drivers to undertake mandatory training to ensure the protection of young children and vulnerable adults. If the training was not undertaken, along with other stringent checks, the coucil would revoke the taxi licence. This is to ensure public safety. 

I am very pleased to also hear that Sedgemoor District Council (is the first in the Avon and Somerset Police Force) to make this training for taxi drivers a legal requirement. As part of the safeguarding training, the drivers will be asked to look out for signs of exploitation- including drunk and disorderly behaviour. The council state they will revoke licences of any drivers who have not been on the course. 

The council are now considering rolling out a similar course for pubs and fast food restaurants. 

Sexual exploitation can happen anywhere- in educational institutions, family homes, on your way home, in restaurants, pubs, etc. It is also a misconception that only children can be sexually exploited. Anyone at any age can be vulnerable to exploitation- male and female. Adults with mental health problems are also vulnerable to sexual exploitation. It is very important that we are all vigilant in order to keep ourselves and others safe. 

If you see anything suspicious, out of the ordinary- call the police, report it. Take a description. Take as much information as possible. 

Don't leave it until it is too late. Do something. Let's work together to PUT AN END TO SEXUAL EXPLOITATION.

20 Mar 2017

Pret- healthier.. but is it tastier?

I work a few doors away from Pret so sometimes I do go in there for breakfast and lunch. I do love the fresh taste of their croissants and baguettes. They are freshly made everyday- and there's no artificial ingredients. I have had their lattes- coconut latte and hazelenut latte. I am not a big fan. Even though they use organic milk, it still tastes very bland and watery, a bit like a skinny latte. 

 I like my Latte to taste creamy, smooth and rich. I'm all about eating healthy, but I do love my fatty latte. In fact I can't live without it. I'd happily put 400 calories aside- just for the milky treat alone. Pret's version of the organic latte is popular but not with me.

5 Mar 2017


I am in two minds about starting a juice cleanse as I am addicted to food but I must detox my body. I want to cleanse my body from within, eliminate all the toxins and also lose a few pounds along the way. It will be very difficult but I want to do it. Will keep you updated!!

27 Feb 2017

The devil lives inside the Catholic Church

When I came across this article, I was not sure if it was even true. I have reached the point where I am beyond repulsed. 

I have been catholic all my life. I have been brought up a Roman Catholic. I was home tutored at a very early age. My mother was very strict. A family priest would come round to the house, and we would have bible study, three times a week. Whilst my friends would go out to the park, have sleepovers, and their mothers would go and meet up with each other and have coffee, I was excluded because my mother was protective. She didn't want me to end up in a bad crowd. Years I spent, in my house, or on family holidays... wasn't much fun though. There was always a dark presence lurking. Something sinister. I kept it a secret. People thought Catholics were saints. We were angels, the good people. I never harmed anyone. I was just a kid. But the real evil was the man who preached righteousness, who preached god. Everyone would go to him, confess their sins to him, knowing that everything would be ok. Little did they know, he was the devil. He would take children. Little girls and boys. Hush them up. The most trusted man you could ever know, yet he was deceiving...

You could cry, scream. What could you do at just age 6?

He was the devil who lived inside the Catholic Church.

22 Feb 2017

Milo Yiannopoulos resigns from Breitbart

One of the most talked about video segments of 2017. A purposely deceitful edited clip that features Milo's thoughts on relationships between men and young boys. Milo apparently said it was ok for those relationships to exist. 

Feminists and lefties everywhere were crucifying him online. It created a media storm. Facebook was viral with 'Milo and Pedophilia' talk. It had even led to Milo's publishers Simon & Schuster's cancelling his upcoming $250,000 book deal for his upcoming book release 'DANGEROUS'. 

It was a devastating and catastrophic blow for Milo. A man who had gained fame and glory for his outspoken views on feminism, Islam and homosexuality. He was a champion for men's rights everywhere. He was a national icon. 
But what really happened? 

Videos can be edited to suit a purpose, to create an illusion to fit a certain situation, to create chaos. Especially shorter length clips of a conversation in an interview- you may hear something unpleasant and unsavoury but it may not intend to be what it means especially if the whole context in it's entirety is not shown. That is exactly what happened to Milo. A professional television company that knew exactly what they were doing the very minute they published the video- they intended for the chaos that erupted shortly after. 
In a Press Conference, Milo said; 

''I am a gay man, and a child abuse victim.
Between the ages of 13 and 16, two men touched me in ways they should not have. One of those men was a priest. 
My relationship with my abusers is complicated by the fact that, at the time, I did not perceive what was happening to me as abusive. I can look back now and see that it was. I still don’t view myself as a victim. But I am one. 
Looking back, I can see the effects it had on me. In the years after what happened, fell into alcohol and nihilistic partying that lasted well into my late 20s. 
A few years ago I realised it was time to do something good with my life. I started focusing on work. But the black comedy, gallows humor and love of shock value I developed in my 20s did not go away. 
I've reviewed the tapes that appeared last night in their proper full context and I don't believe they say what is being reported. Nonetheless I do say some things on the tapes that I do not mean and which do not reflect my views. 
My experiences as a victim led me to believe I could say anything I wanted to on this subject, no matter how outrageous. But I understand that my usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humor might have come across as flippancy, a lack of care for other victims or, worse, "advocacy." I am horrified by that impression. 
I would like to restate my disgust at adults who sexually abuse minors. I am horrified by pedophilia and I have devoted large portions of my career as a journalist to exposing child abusers. I've outed three of them, in fact -- three more than most of my critics.
I do not believe sex with 13-year-olds is okay. When I mentioned the number 13, I was talking about  error. I was talking about my own relationship when I was 17 with a man who was 29. The age of consent in the UK is 16.
I did say that there are relationships between younger men and older men that can help a young gay man escape from a lack of support or understanding at home. That's perfectly true and every gay man knows it. 
I am certainly guilty of imprecise language, which I regret.
Anyone who suggests I turn a blind eye to illegal activity or to the abuse of minors is unequivocally wrong. I am implacably opposed to the normalization of pedophilia and I will continue to report and speak accordingly. To repeat: I do not support pedophilia. It is a disgusting crime of which I have personally been a victim. 
The remarks I made on podcasts and interviews more than a year ago were about my personal life experiences. I will not apologize for dealing with my life experiences in the best way that I can, which is humor. No one can tell me or anyone else who has lived through sexual abuse how to deal with those emotions.
But I am sorry to other abuse victims if my own personal way of dealing with what happened to me has hurt you. 
I will never stop making jokes about taboo subjects. Go into any drag bar or gay club and you will see performers cracking jokes about clerical sexual abuse. I am not afforded that same freedom, because the media chooses to selectively define me as a political figure in some circumstances, and a comedian in others. 
But I said some things on those internet live streams that were simply wrong. 
My employer Breitbart News has stood by me when others caved. They have allowed me to carry conservative and libertarian ideas to communities that would otherwise never have heard them. They have been a significant factor in my success. I’m grateful for that freedom and for the friendships I forged there. 
I would be wrong to allow my poor choice of words to detract from my colleagues’ important reporting, which is why today I am resigning from Breitbart, effective immediately. This decision is mine alone''.
I really do feel for Milo. I understand where he is coming from. He is an child abuse victim and because of the abuse he suffered, he thought it would allow him the freedom to express subjects of that sensitive nature in any manner that he wanted. It was his way of coping. Everyone has different ways of coping with traumatic events. I have a very similar past to Milo so I can very much relate to him. I absolutely believe him. It was just a sentence depicted to mean something it didn't by the media. 

Milo is commendable. He doesn't describe himself as a victim. He is a survivor. He is still fighting out, speaking out, reaching out. Despite the stressful and traumatic last few days, he still has a legion of dedicated fans, he has received interest from new major publishers, and he has gained a lot more respect and admiration from the world  for his dedication to Breitbart. 

Milo has not fallen. He has just began rising. Rising to the very top. I believe he will take over the world. And the feminists & leftists will be running scared.

12 Jan 2017

Why do older men lust after teenagers?

Sexual Exploitation & Grooming

We live in a world today where pedophilia is prominent. Underage sex occurs everywhere, and in a recent lifestyle survey conducted by Playboy, 74% of men said they would consider pursuing a relationship with a 14 year old child if it was to be made legal. According to The Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders, pedophilia is actually considered to be a psychiatric condition. I find this unacceptable and shocking to say the least. They're basically saying if you're attracted to children, you're mentally ill. No you're not! You're depraved and need putting down. Simple as that.

So what is the reason for men lusting over young girls. Psychologists and Relationship Experts say that older men want to feel young again, they want to re-live their youth, and that is the main motivation for their interest in teens. There is nothing wrong with platonic relationships and friendships between young girls and older men that does not involve sex, but why is that rarely the case? 

Every country has different laws regarding the age of consent. In the UK, it is 16. In some countries, like Spain, Mexico and Japan, it is 12. It is absolutely disgusting. Not right at all.

Any females under the age of 18, are vulnerable, naive and under developed. They do not have the life experience to be able to fully understand and make decisions.  They are easily persuaded. Men take advantage of that. Men like to think that they are natural dominators- so they look for prey they can easily control and manipulate. Men who like teenagers are potentially dangerous as they tend to play mind games and know all the tricks of the trade- they would provide the girl with gifts and money in order to sleep with her. In comparison, women who are 25 and over, are usually mature enough to know when a man is trying to manipulate them, this is due to various life experiences we learn as we go through situations. A girl under 18 however will not have such experience. They are usually having fun enjoying going out with friends, having silly crushes on their pop star idols, and going to school/college- they are too young to worry about the psychology of relationships. This is why they would be easy targets for manipulation.   

For men, there is no emotional value to being in a relationship with a child. They only associate them with sex. Men enjoy looking at the luminous flesh of a teenager and they just want to 'fuck' them, so to speak. Where do we draw the line? Girls under the age of 18 are still fresh- they lack knowledge of life, they can't see past the 'gifts' and 'unlimited compliments'. They are so easily duped. Any relationship involving an older man and a young girl is exploitative and harmful. 

Any man who has an unhealthy interest in a young girl, whether or not they are of legal age or under 18, is perverted and disgusting. It is a form of child exploitation and tougher laws need to be implemented to ensure the protection of the child.

6 Jan 2017

Men are not allowed to cry

Men around the world are criticised for showing their emotions. It's perfectly ok for them to express anger and frustration but crying, a big no no. Men are afraid to convey feelings of sadness- if they did shed a tear, they would be regarded as weak by the opposite sex. From a young age they are taught to show 'toughness' and not let the world see their fragility. The sad fact is, because more and more men are keeping it bottled inside, not confiding in their loved ones, it has led to an epidemic of high suicide rates which the public doesn't mind accepting. I mean, is it any wonder men commit suicide when you don't listen to them? Women mock men for crying, usually delivering hurtful insults, the popular phrase being 'Man Up'. I would go as far as to say that women are partly to blame when men do commit suicide.

When men attempt to address their gender-specific issues, they are OFTEN met with disgust and ridicule. This has led to them being oppressed. They do not want to appear as weak and unworthy so they will hide away. Not talk about their feelings.

As a society, we need to acknowledge men. We need to open up to them so they can reach out to us. Do not shut them out. Allow them to speak.. and speak freely. Give them a shoulder to cry on, tell them you will be there for them, be their emotional crutch. Men are not robots. They do not possess a switch off button from their emotions- we need to tell them that it's okay to cry.

There is a strong correlation between men's oppressed emotions and the male suicide epidemic. Let's change that. We need to provide men with a platform for them to come forward, have their voices heard, and together we should end this disdain reality that men should not cry.

13 Nov 2016

Plastic is not fantastic

So this is the new norm? What teenagers and young woman in their 20s should inspire to? I'm not even sure if this is a real picture. She is not a role-model. She does not look fantastic. What is so inspiring about surgically enhanced lips?

Young girls see this type of fakery and instantly want to look like that. It's not healthy, it's not normal.

Being super skinny is also not healthy. It's not real.

Real beauty comes from within. Real beauty is confidence- appreciating your flaws, your natural beauty and not wanting to look like someone else.

Most young girls think that a guy will only be interested in them if they look a certain way. It's not true. A decent guy will be attracted to your confidence- not your skinny body or clown inspired look. Also changing yourself to make people like you is indicative of low self esteem.

The important thing is, being heathy, and happy. Starving yourself to look thin and dressing in a certain way just so you can get attention isn't a wise ambition. Beautiful, smart girls will be whatever size they are- they won't care what people think about them, because they naturally exude confidence. They are able to say NO and they can hold their own.

Plastic is NOT fantastic.

5 Nov 2016


I was watching this YouTube Video of a 600 lb woman who tells the cameras how hard it is being morbidly obese and helpless. She eats huge amounts of junk food in bed- fried chicken, cakes, crisps, fizzy pop- anything you can think of, she will stuff it in her mouth. Her family buys her all the food to make her ''happy''. They are effectively helping her to die.

I think it is absolutely disgusting to be that size- where you have no control of your body and you need to rely on others to feed you, dress you etc. There's no such thing as a disease that relates to eating so much. No one is forcing you to eat like a pig. You can either choose to eat healthy or unhealthy food. When I was overweight at 12 stone, I only blamed myself - I ate junk food because I could. There was no illness, no disease. My choice. One day, I realised I had to do something about it- I didn't want to be overweight anymore. I wanted to be happy and not waste my youth- so the very next day, I started researching about calories and healthy eating. Within a year, I had lost 2 stone, and I was feeling very happy and sexy. Yes, I still have my 'treat days' where I'll eat whatever I want, but I know how to stop myself. I know how miserable I was when I was overweight and I will never ever go back to that state.

Yes, it is hard but it's a matter of life and death. How much do you value your life? It's all psychological. If you can train yourself to eat junk food, then you can train yourself to revert to healthy eating. I've tried many diets over the years, boot camps, weightloss camps, expensive gym training- but none of it worked because I only had one thing on my mind- food. Now 2 years on, I'm 9.5 stone. I'm very happy. I can fit size 10 (UK) clothes perfectly. But I'm still determined to lose a bit more weight.. My ultimate goal is to fit a dress size 8 (UK). I know I will get there because my focus isn't on food anymore- my focus is on being happy and slim, which means making healthy choices.

26 Oct 2016


Have you ever wondered why you're not losing weight? It's nothing to do with your hormones- you may be a secret eater and not know about it. 

1 pound of fat= 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound, you would need to burn 3500 calories. Easiest way to do that is by reducing 500 calories from your daily calorie allowance. And the reverse is true- you will put on 1 pound for every 3500 calories consumed. 
For women, the average calories you need, to maintain your weight is 1500. 
If you are constantly on the go, you might pick up some unhealthy snacks along the way- which will really hinder your weightloss efforts.

Junk food- pizza, burgers, fries, chips, chocolates, crisps etc all contain lots & lots of calories so having a few of them as a snack or dinner option, isn't going to help you lose weight. Yes, junk food is tempting as there are restaurants and takeaways everywhere you go, but it's all about willpower. If you really want to lose weight, you need to put in the effort. Exercise alone won't help, as the saying goes- you cannot out-train a bad diet! 

Did you know?
A large latte contains almost 360 calories (I love lattes too, but if you're trying to lose weight, you need to eliminate it from your daily routine).
Donner Kebab & Chips (Nations favourite after a heavy drinking session- contains a whooping 900 calories, and that's only a small portion without sauces!)
Raspberry Jam Doughnut- 260 calories, glazed, plain doughnut 200 calories.
A single cheeseburger- 300 calories
Oreo biscuit- 45 calories 
Flavoured milkshake- 380 calories (some milkshakes contain more, up to 900 calories)
Double chocolate muffin- 520 calories. 

I know it's much harder to give up your favourite foods, but if you are determined to lose weight and be healthy, you need to make significant changes. I'm not saying, just eat soup and salad- but search for healthy alternatives. For example, if you usually have a fry up every morning- reducing the number of items, will save you a few hundred calories. Swap a full English (1100 calories) for poached/scrambled egg on brown toast (480 calories). Swap a chocolate muffin for slimfast snack
 chocolate bars (95 calories and delicious!). 

Making these small changes will surely help you to lose weight quicker.

25 Oct 2016

How Do You Like Your Steak?

I have noticed many celebrity chefs criticising people for wanting their steaks cooked 'well done'. What is the problem? You wouldn't eat chicken or lamb slightly raw, so why criticise people who want their beef steaks cooked through and through. 
Personally, I find well done steaks really juicy and meaty, and I don't care what anyone says! 

24 Oct 2016

Is Orange Juice Healthy?

Millions of us drink Orange Juice. It's packed full of nutrients and vitamins, and it tastes great. However, with more and more Orange Juice piling on the shelves of our grocery store- how can we extinguish between healthy Orange Juice and unhealthy Orange Juice? The truth is, any juice you can purchase from the grocery store that's in a carton with a very long life, is unhealthy- packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients. Even though the carton may say '100% orange juice'- it is not. Orange Juice is stored in giant tanks- where the oxygen is removed (this process preserves the juice and makes it last a long time). You will only get the benefits of the minerals/vitamins of an orange if it is freshly squeezed in front of you and consumed within 15 minutes. It is much more healthier to make your own OJ at home! Oranges nevertheless, contain 47 calories per 100g (1 small orange). How many oranges to make a glass of orange juice? You would need to squeeze 6 small oranges (or 4 medium). That is roughly 282 calories and up to 25g of sugar. It's really not worth it. Orange juice contains as much calories as a doughnut, chocolate bar, a can of full fat coke. 

Healthy alternatives; 
Veg juice 72 calories, 5g sugar per 8 fl oz
Iced coffee 60 calories, 15g sugar per 12 fl oz
 Flavoured tea (various but typically under 10 calories, 1g sugar per cup)
Fizzy flavoured water (various but under 10 calories, 0.5g sugar per 250ml serving)
Alpro hazelnut milk 70 calories, 8g sugar per 250ml serving.

Meaning Of Christmas

There is only 61 days till Christmas. The most expensive holiday of the year. Unfortunately Christmas is no longer traditional- most people spend the day getting drunk, and buying really expensive presents. That is not the real meaning of Christmas. Christians celebrate Christmas to commemorate the birth of Jesus- we give gifts to the less fortunate, sing carols and go to church. We also spend time with loved ones and indulge in the Christmas feast. For decades now, the authenticity and spirit of Christmas has become meaningless- non Christians celebrate this day, and overindulge in gifts (buying & receiving), succumb to gluttony and take part in foolish behaviour (gambling, sexual intercourse, drinking too much). 

It's sad that Christmas is 'no longer Christmas'. It is just another novelty holiday. 

20 Oct 2016

10 Steps To Achieve Happiness

1) Help others- being kind, generous and thoughtful really contributes towards happiness. The positive energy you give out, comes back to you, in many different ways.

2) Exercise- walking, running, going to the gym etc really does relieve stress, makes you calmer and helps reduce a number of significant diseases. 

3) Pay it forward! Do a favour for someone, help someone in need- share the love.... you will feel great knowing that you are doing some good. 

4) Help the environment- (yes, really!)... do your bit- recycle, clear rubbish from your local park, waste less paper, use less electricity- it will be satisfying knowing you are contributing to making the world a much nicer place to live in.. go green! 

5) Eat healthy- junk food makes you lathargic and everyone knows too much of it will cause obesity and a number of health problems... eating the wrong food & too much of it will just cause you to be unhappy... so try swapping a chocolate for some fruit. 

6) Ignore bullies- if someone offends you, tries to belittle you, or abuses you- don't waste your energy in retaliating.. just ignore them and smile always.. (you will be the better person for it!) 

7) Brush off negativity- have you heard of the saying 'misery loves company'... if you constantly talk about negative things, telling yourself or other people how depressed and sad you are... you will only ever attract negative energy.. other people who are feeling the same way will be drawn to you... if you are feeling low- learn to deal with the things that are affecting you.. keep a diary/journal.. and write your thoughts... even an action plan will help you! If you're depressed because you have lack of funds- do something about it... don't just sit there and moan... take action. It's the same for people who are sad because they are overweight- eat healthy and do some exercise, it's that simple! Stopping and re-evaluating your life really does make a difference. You need to work on your goals because life is too short and in years to come, you'll regret not facing up to your problems. 

8) Be grateful- there is always someone out there who is in much worse circumstances than you. Are you upset because you can't afford an iPhone 7? Do you work all the hours god sends, yet you don't seem to make enough money? Or are you the kind of person who has everything in the world- great loving parents, a stable job, a partner, friends- yet you're still not happy? You are so lucky and you don't know it.. Children are starving, there are too many sick people, homeless people, unemployed people, children who are abandoned and abused by their parents- they are the real victims. Not you. So whatever issues you're having, deal with it, and be grateful for what you have.  

9) Forgiveness! Life is too short. Why hold grudges- it'll only cause unnecessary stress to you. Be the bigger person- make amends and forgive. You'll find comfort & peace within your soul. 

10) Do something that makes you laugh/smile! Listen to music, watch some comedy, go out with a friend- although doing these things will only temporary alleviate any negative feelings, at least it will keep you occupied. If I'm feeling a bit depressed, I watch some Ricky Gervais because he makes me smile... 

19 Oct 2016

Most Popular Christmas Drinks

It's almost time for Christmas- it's getting cold & foggy, the days are getting shorter, and we are all shopping for winter outfits! 
If you love your tea, coffee and milkshakes- it's time to upgrade- Christmas is only once a year, so make the most of it... although xmas drinks are calorific, it's a treat and you deserve it... 

What's your favourite Christmas drink?  

Hot Chocolate, topped with fresh whipped cream and all the trimmings! A truly luxurious drink. A best seller during winter...

No 1 Christmas Drink- Gingerbread Latte... my favourite! Ahhhhhhh. You have got to try the gingerbread latte if you haven't already- it is mouth-wateringly delicious! 

Other Christmas drinks include; mulled wine, hot cocoa, white christmas cocktail,  midnight mint hot chocolate & honey and almond hot chocolate. 

4 Oct 2016

Mariah Carey's new song 'Infamous'

Mariah Carey is starring in season 3 of Empire, the Emmy award winning musical drama.. and if you haven't heard the new record 'Infamous', it's a stunning R&B ballad featuring the legend herself and Jussie Smollett. It's already out on iTunes! 

10 Sep 2016

No more Gunvard Larsson! Mikael Persabrandt quits Beck, after 20 years on the longest- running Swedish crime series of all time

Gunvald was a homicide investigator who had a ruthless and daring approach to catching criminals- he often used violence and would beat confessions out of the suspects. His behaviour got him into trouble- internal investigations by the Misconduct Department but he always got away with it- only receiving short term office assignments as his punishment. His colleagues respected and admired Gunvald because he 'got the job done'. He was sleek, handsome and very effective. 

We've watched Gunvald Larsson on our screens for 20 years now and when his final episode was aired- Series 6, episode 1- it is the most poignant, heartbreaking episode of all the Beck series. What's Beck without Gunvald Larsson? A very tragic ending; we've lost one of our most loved characters in the history of foreign crime films. 

One thing for sure, Beck- whether it continues it's series or not, will never be the same without Gunvald Larsson. 

6 Sep 2016

Are you addicted to chocolate?

Around 1 billion people eat chocolates everyday. Most people are addicted and can consume up to 5 chocolate products within a 24 hour period. Chocolate can either be good for you or bad. Most chocolate that is manufactured by giant companies that you can find in your local high street is usually very unhealthy as it contains addictive and health damaging ingredients. It will lead to obesity which in turn will cause many diseases and illnesses such as Diabetes. Unfortunately I'm one of those chocolate addicts- I've had my fair share of unhealthy chocolatey treats but time has come for change.

The fat & sugar content in chocolate is quite high, plus they can contain at least 200 calories per bar. There are alternatives which I have been looking into. I came across a company that sells chocolate- it is raw, organic, contains no soy, gluten or added sugar, it's also vegan and they're handmade. They have wonderful flavours and look yummy- I have just purchased a few bars and I'm waiting to receive it through the post. I will let you know what I think of the taste.

Although I can't get over my chocolate addiction- I know there are alternatives which are much healthier. I'm going to try and reduce my intake of chocolate to 1 bar per week. I know there are people out there who are extremely addicted and they probably consume a lot more but I like to think that I have my addiction under control. But still, chocolate is chocolate- a sweet treat once in a while is fine, but daily consumption of it will ultimately damage your health.