The new me

I have decided to eliminate all meat from my diet and live a Vegetarian lifestyle. 

I am hoping that one day, I will become a Vegan. Being a Vegan is not just about changing your diet. It is a complete lifestyle change. I care deeply about animal welfare and it is sad that animal cruelty exists today- the way animals are treated in slaughter houses, is really sickening. 

I have made a promise to myself that I will not eat any meat as of today. I will not buy any products that have been tested on animals/made using animal skin & fur. 

I’m not very healthy at the moment, my diet is pretty bad- I’m too lazy to cook and I eat out/rely on takeaways. I am slowly becoming overweight and I’m constantly tired. I associate my fatigue to my current diet. It consists of pure junk- crisps, cakes, fried rice, lattes etc. I want to live a healthier lifeteyle and I must make drastic changes. 

Christmas is around the corner which is Binge month but that’s no excuse- I can still implement healthy changes. For now, I will be eliminating junk from my diet- no more refined carbs, processed food and snacks. I will be introducing nutritious healthy vegetables, salad, fruits, beans and grains- food my body has not had for a very long time. I’ll also reduce the amount of dairy and substitute it for healthy alternatives. I love the taste of Almond Milk, so I’ll add that to my coffee instead of my usual whole/skimmed milk. I have a really sweet tooth and I know I can’t chnage my bad habits overnight but fortunately there are some really delicious Vegan treats that I can have- NAKD do really tasty nutritious bars which are raw and provide some nutritional value, so instead of my usual Terry’s Choc Orange bar, I’ll be switching to Nakd bars if I get cravings. 

I am really looking forward to beginning this journey and starting a brand new chapter in my life- I definitely think vegetarianism/veganism is the way to go- it’s a way to a happy, positive and healthy future!


The truth about Islam

The Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre (JTAC) has raised the UK international terrorism threat level from Severe to Critical. This means an attack is expected imminently. 

This is following the attempted terror attack at an eastbound district line tube at Parsons Green on Friday 15th September where terrorists planted a ‘Mother of Satan’ nail bomb. The bomb only partially exploded due to a faulty component. Over 30 people were taken to hospital with serious, life changing injuries. 

This is the fifth terrorist attack in Britain this year- our country is no longer safe

Islam is countermanding our Christian beliefs, values and traditions. We are a Christian country- but we are also a country that allow democracy, freedom to choose whatever religion we want to follow and freedom to speak out without fear of persecution. Islam does not allow any other religions to coexist. Islam is a political ideology that requires total submission- there are no choices, women and children are slaves and if you reject Islam, you will be tortured and killed. 

Jihad is the fight against non-believers, a holy war. Most Islamic scholars will deny that violence is the prominent dominator in Jihad but there are are over 109 verses in the Quran that sanction violence- it cannot be taken out of context because it is in context, quite literally. 

Quran (4:89) - "They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.

Islamic extremists have only one purpose- to oppress, radicalise and dominate. As British people, we need to stand up for what we believe in. We need to stand our ground and not let them win. Islam does not agree with our British culture- they do not agree with democracy, freedom of speech, freedom to be who you want to be, freedom to make choices. Islam is the core opposite of what our country stands for. 

It is devastating to see the current state of our country- but we mustn’t give in. We will do what we’ve always done- that is carry on. Evil has no place in our society- the only way to not let it prevail is to continue living our lives and keep doing good. 

There are many moderate Muslims who do not agree with jihad, who do not possess the same views as Islamic extremists. There are many British Muslims who are proud to be British- we must not forget that. We should not wrongly judge them for the actions of the extremists. We should all come together at a crucial time like this to eradicate terrorism.

I know that regardless of the threats our country faces- the British people will always come together and we have what Islam lacks; love.

Islam is slavery, hate, violence. 

Britain is freedom, love and peace.


Stop skinny shaming

Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous women in the world- she's a fashion designer, singer, model and business woman. She's recently released her make-up collection in collaboration with Estée Lauder. 

VB's clothing collection is feminine and classy at luxury prices. Although I'm a big fan of VB, I don't exactly like everything she's released- some of the clothing isn't to my taste. What I've noticed is a lot of women constantly bashing VB's models- criticising their weight, commenting that the models look 'miserable'. I mean, how on earth do you know they are miserable? It's skinny bashing and it has to stop. I suspect a majority of these women commenting negatively are the ones with self esteem issues, they are not happy with their own 'overweight' bodies so they find comfort in shaming women who are slim and healthy. 

Cruel comments been made about VB's models

Personally I don't care what size you are- I don't judge, but this misconception that models who are skinny must be miserable has to stop

  The fact is, models are slim because they represent good health, youth and beauty. I would be more likely to buy a piece of clothing if I saw it on a slim model rather then an overweight model. 

It's not harsh, it's just reality. 

World class designers such as VB, Gucci, Michael Kors, Chanel, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney etc all use slim young women to promote their clothing- I don't think they would ever select an overweight model- why would they? They want to encourage young women to look their best- to look sexy. What message would they be giving out if all of a sudden they started using overweight women to introduce their brand. It's not cool. They want to make money, not lose it. 

Ideal measurements for models 
Bust size: 32'-34'
Dress size: 4-6 UK
Height: 5'8-6'
Weight: 110 lbs- 115lbs

Stop skinny shaming, start embracing 'slim'.